by Polska Debatuje

2019 Polish Schools Debating Championship

Polish Schools Debating Championship is the biggest and most prestigious debate tournament in English for high school students in Poland. For three days, the best students in the country will compete against each other to win the title of National Champions. 

In 4 preliminary rounds you will debate motions revolving around the most important current dilema the world community faces, including  economy, politics as well as cultural and social issues. Participants will also be offered  chance to participate in debate workshops prepared by world class debaters.  


Represent Poland at an international level

Additionaly, 5 outstanding speakers will be selected to represent Poland at the World Schools Debating Championship in Colombo, Sri Lanka taking place on July 23- August 2, 2019 in Colombo.  They will face opponents from over 60 countries around the globe. The best speakers of the tournament will receive a representation scholarship and  intensive training from the best Polish debaters. 

Polska Debatuje will cover all costs of participation and travel to the World Schools Debating Championshp.  Do not miss the opportunity to compete with the best debaters in the world.




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