2018 Edition

The first edition of the tournament took place in April 2018. 16 teams from all over Poland compete against each other for 3 days at welcoming premises of Private School of Cecylia Plater-Zuberkówna in Warsaw.

The team from XIV Staszic High School won the competition, defeating XXXIII Kopernik High School in the Great Final.

The victorious team participated in  World Schools Debating Championship 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia. With 3 wins, 7 judges and 5720,00 speaker points it became the second team in the New Nation category.

The full report on the National Team performance can be found under this link.

e2018 remake!

2018 edition participants

2018 edition Motions

Round 1: This House would require individuals to pass a political general knowledge test in order to be eligible to vote

Round 2 (Impromptu): THW legalise the sale of human organs

Round 3: THW financially incentivize the enrollment of female students in programs of study with disproportionately few females

Quarter Finals: This House regrets the overwhelming narrative of good triumphing over evil in children’s entertainment

Semi Finals (Impromptu): THBT all EU countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools

Final: This house believes that politicians should not have public profiles on twitter and other social networking sites


National Team of Poland at World Schools Debating Championship 2018 in Zagreb.




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